1A Boys State Basketball | Bradley vs Kingston | March 5, 2020

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Roy Lavecchia

Click bait.

Aryan Khan

caldwell pope is the greatest 3 point shooter in the league

corey baker

Dumb ass marines at it

Race Star

LOL, I love how they jump between NOTICE ME SENPAI and ILL FUCKING KILL YOU.

Paul Gibbons

Sell your soul to Scientology. You will look 23 forever.

Kevin Ortiz


Ryan M

People don’t realize how fast that is

Aamir Shehzad

- -

Davan Mani

That turf ruined many knees.

Sunset Joker

Fuge this is rough


Trump wants to dismantle the justice system to give himself unquestionable power. Fox News Hacks "report" justification for it.What a coincidence!

Military Pyro

Yes! Ready for tech,got this job. asm.. jan 7 bmt date


6:15 Want a sprite cranberry?


VBC.. Backside, somewhere near the old PAX terminal..


Kyle did you check out Jacob Keiter's You Tube Channel? You just don't seem like the type of person who would recommend suck a foul mouthed channel. I like your stuff but Jacob has a real dirty mouth.

Etienne R.

Where can i boughtthesefigurines in thefuture? It is very tempting.

Excalibur John Deere

I'm a pilot it's all in the stick and the seat of your pants

Randy Porter

This reminds my of my younger days ! ..Standing at the plate, realizing a fastball had gone by me JUST as the catcher throws it back.

Kent Britton


Justin Smolik

How did dbz not get 1 and also lazy sunday was both parodied and mentioned on the office. Lazy scranton was funny as hell

Ann Ayuyu

I'm in the Delayed Entry. Hoping to hear sometime this month to book a job.

M Camacho

Fuck yeah!!! you are talking some REAL SHIT!!!! .... But this video was made 3 years ago! Unfortunately, I'm sure things have gotten worse in the military because all the LGBTxyz's getting what ever the he'll they want and the snowflakes probably needing safe spaces from all the triggering gunfire in the military.

Phillip Rody

Absolutely one of the most stupid things I have ever witnessed.

Tony DePalma

Interesting that the Navy had to depend on the Air Force to refuel on the way to Germany.Not a big deal for Air Force fighter pilots to fly 9 hours.