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But Barron points out

But Barron points out

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One of those big constraints is your

One of those big constraints is your

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Driving your life and

Driving your life and

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Sweep and police

Sweep and police

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Send these girls to Dubai Bring money...


Still probably the most amazing run I’ve ever witnessed in sports


I love watching the fails that happen to the other team


Adobe Illustrator: You just got Vectored!


Army has the best cadences from what i heard, Marines next, Air Force then Navy. Tried to go into Navy twice, then Army, got rejected.

Dan go

As A Bangladeshi Grateful to Indian Army with respect and honour helped us as an Ally in 1971 war. We Thank You and We will be grateful to you to the Last!

John Lennon

Enjoyed the video...thanks!

Keith Binding

Biz you are the man. Huge fan!!! Elliot how the hell can you wear a pair of scuffed up shoes like that in front of Biz hahahahaha Great interview guys....

Manpreet Bhullar

very shameful act. he should be punished for it.

AJ Toth

you should try to bring jacksepticeye, markiplier, or pewdiepie

Trey Rose

And I thought nfl football locker rooms were cool this is amazing!!



Andrew Garcia

Thanks for the video, . You have a good score. I need to start training again to get back in shape. Last time I tested myself a few months ago I was at 88. I'm sure I decreased, so I want to reach your results here as my goal for now before I seek to join next year.

Colton K

Cant wait to be an ao


The 500 thumbs down must be the airforce

Logan Armijo

Dont be private army joe


21 and enlisting this year :)