Diary of an Air Force GF #4 | BMT Week 2

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Enhance your knowledge and expertise

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Such beautiful Aircraft...

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This guy sounds exactly like DMX!!! 2:15 X Gon Give It To Ya

Wondering tharpe

My daughter was kicked out of her hold after being there two months due to surgery. It never healed. Her surgery was done at lackland. Sometimes it is not your fault but it is a reason to be discharged.

Thomas Wasily

Nigerian's are the happiest soldiersI've seen.

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When the Yankees saw the astros they won fare and square Yankees pussys

David Lemmon

Here is the deal... I served in the USMC when I was a youngster... Now I'm in my forties and I wish I could go back into the service BUT I'm too old. With this knowledge, if you are late in life and realize that you want to join the military.... My recommendation is.... RUN, don't walk, to the recruiter and join... Do not miss the age cut off. Do NOT be sitting on your couch in your forties or fifties wishing that you would have served but it's too late... These regrets can be miserable. HOWEVER, if you are older then prepare for the challenge of being commanded by young people... The military is different then the private sector and this will definitely happen. So be prepared to set your life experience and physical age aside... You need to make your own bones and leave your pride at the door. Semper Fi!


Wtf is she talking about privileges. I wasn't given any the whole time I was there.

Jackson Turner

What do they only give y’all like 15 secs to put make up on in boot camp

bill hawk

Last season there an we at best 4-12 better transform the jackass decisions of Gruden

Evan Quigley

I was expecting Rorys coach to be slick and talking very technical ehh nah. Aim, width boom simple as that! Love it

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This whole video just inspired so much


cool7062 nice one! Hope it goes well buddy.


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"Going to Mexico to buy drugs" sounds so wrong lmao.

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And Owen yelling out no when the pilot is shot in the head would be a huge NO-NO totally alerted bad guys to his presence


how long is "A" school for an aviation machinists mate

eric foster

I did do KP, which was about an 18 hour day. As far as other details, we did work in a warehouse moving boxes all day and worked in renovating one of the squadrons they were reopening. I didn't mind the work though, it was better than the daily grind we usually went through. Suggesting that my TI's language was lacking in any color is very humorous to me.

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when you're in class and have almost coughed a lung but people are looking at you weird so you're there just (5:42) trying not to cough more


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Sir ji airforce me graduation karne ka koi age hota h ki airmen Ko graduation kid age tak pass KR na hota h

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So i have to take a confirmation test cause of my recent tets score in october 2016 was 20 points or more thatn my test i took in high school in april 2016 failed but since my test in april has expired like been more than 6 months do i still have to take the confirmation test or do i have to take the asvab over again??

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