Luis Medina - RHP, Yankees (MiLB Spring Training) - (3-27-19)

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Part of this modernization was to reduce the

Part of this modernization was to reduce the

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Timothy Barend

Very insightful - Navy recruiter said CT would be a good fit for me. Met with Air Force recruiter this morning recruiter gave me the paperwork to fill out. Big toss up. I was measured today at recruiters' office 6ft5.5and 225 lbs. Nervous about the Navy rack, but it does not seem as bad as a tent. Big decision. I'm 26. 79 on the prelim asvab i took at Recruiter office.


Marines are honestly dicks and in a war between af and marines the USAF would win with its number of Airmen 350,000 and with its strike capability . The marines only have about 179,000 marines . Even the Navy would wreck the marines.

Hope Vergara

My guy had been there for almost 3 weeks, everyone else seems to be receiving letters but I have not received anything. Should I be concerned?

Max Rodriguez

Props to camera guy for actually keeping up with the ball.

Vincente M. Santiago

Highlight reel for a month where a guy hit .238, got thrown out of games, and struck out at an alarming pace. I guess those homers did go a long way.

Scott B

You forgot one Don’t Be That Guy Don’t be a Blue falcon. A battle buddy fker, A person everyone hates, someone that tells on others all the time....etc etc...

Erik Nelson

The Baltimore Oriole Chris Davis card was definitely of him striking out

sanskar badi chiz hai !

Good job