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mike molines

Wow so wonderful video here mix emotions to see my place ,I'm here in now in Cavite (Cavite city now) it's so nice to watch this my town!

omprakash Yadav

Ncc me questionspast pepar

Dharmendra Saxena

Bahut achcha hai sir g magar C certificate 2020exam ke liye pura paper banaye please

Lunar Flare Studios

I just scrolled down to the description, and I see an advertisement for the game Polybius with an image of the game console. Um, hello? This game doesn't exist! Ahoy made it clear in the video! Why are you advertising it?

Callsign Reset

Dc have no respect that guy did everything for them. The worst fans ever.

Eat Shit

Say whatever you want , the F15 and F16 are still the most beautiful and badass aircraft ever produced by human hands.

Voltic Spot

mad f 35 noises

Jose Damin Tenorio castro Damian Tenorio castro

Dad a boy

Josh M

I love Harper!


Is... Is throwing a grenade really that difficult? It seems like it wouldn't be all that different from throwing a rock or a baseball. (Except for more dangerous, of course.)Also, loading a rifle correctly is not difficult. Under fire, I suppose it would become a little harder, but in training?


If I was paulie, I would have thrown is fat ass overboard.

Madison Ozment

I was at the Bmac/Phillies and Donaldson/Nats walkoff games

1- 2 4 - 5

Much love for Eritrea Greeting from somalia

Dale Tucker

the trailers are fema trailers

john lawrence

Hi Russell, love the videos. currently working on hip rotation, you have made me understand what should be going on. Should it make hips and buttocks ache? Also any ideas on how to stop turning head to watch where ball goes, it costs me dearly!!

Bentenah Nounou



i'm watching this in the day of my Birthday26:43 was a nice coincidence

luis angel

YouTube need to put Luis Uras from the padres


I got an Air Force ad before this video

Gary Voorhis

The film was smuggled off the ship in an email and in 2004 it had to be compressed.

Zain rajpoot

Hahahahaha buzdil media