Phillies' bats hang 9 on Marlins in win - 4/12/19

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The cost is $99 for a yearly subscription,

The cost is $99 for a yearly subscription,

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You should feel discomfort and muscle fatigue when

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It8217s like you can see 360 degrees.

It8217s like you can see 360 degrees.

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Good choice on music !

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One other thing before I go, you will come across negative people, they are negative prior and after their military service. Also I come across service members from other branches of the service and I can't take nothing away from their service choice, but what an egotistical mess some of them are, I just laugh at them and politely explain I'm sorry you couldn't score high enough on the asfav to be part of the fun and walk away. The skills you receive in the Air Force will transition easier when you move back into civilian life, weather you do 4yrs or 30yrs!


2:46 watch the guy fall lmao

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brave people... great vid... from Ireland..


Credit creates slaves, not growth.'None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free' - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.The federal reserve prints money out of thin air and charge you interest to borrow it. So they give you a loan which is really only numbers on a computer and you go do slave labor to bring them back real money with interest. Its a slave system but the slaves think they are free. The federal reserve is not a government agency its a private business that controls the entire economic system. It sad people are throwing their entire lives away for something that is worthless, money.

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They also wouldn't let us wear chem gear in our ABUs. We could only do it in pt gear only 15 ppl did it


Hey Kyle, I leave for BMT in 2 weeks. November 9th! I've been told that the Air Force is cutting out the confidence course, and BEAST week. The Confidence course will definitely not be there when I ship, but BEAST is still up for debate. Hear anything about this?Thanks

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Army mein Kitna height lagta hai

Kawartha Cubs


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In 87 I got out of the Navy when my Carrier was deployed in the Arabian Sea (USS Constellation CV-64). I was shot off in a S-3A Viking and flown to BIOT (Diego Garcia). From there a C-5 Galaxy took me to Okinawa Japan and onto LAX. I finally was discharged in San Diego a month later. I can tell you that flying in the Galaxy is very similar to a large commercial aircraft, very smooth and comfy in the passenger cabin.The engines were quite loud on takeoff and boarding thru the main cavernous cargo deck and climbing two decks of ladder to get to the passenger cabin on top was unique.


It is terrifying having such a moron for a president.He has no clue what he is doing and actually, weeks ago, called the Corona Virus a hoax.Get this imbecile out of our WH!We should be getting this information from a competent president.Instead, a comedy show host is far more educated and concerned than our own supposed leader.Trump is a joke.November can’t come fast enough.

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Well, I shared this through my Twitter account, there you go.