Softball Hitting Drills & Must Know Batting Tips

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Try the following two exercises.

Try the following two exercises.

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Uraaaa! Love Russian from Indonesian

Sue McCullough

Oh my goodness Noraly. What horrible conditions these people have and are going through!This is the sadist video I’ve seen in a long time. Thank-you so much for teaching us what these people go through everyday. And how should appreciate the silver jewelry we have. And that’s all I have cause my body doesn’t like gold. I did get most of my silver out west from the Indians that make Silver/turquoise. Now I appreciate even more then ever now.

Invisible man Invisible man

20.46The opposing bench reaction!!

Nathan Nate

The last one was so great, it was so hilarious, comedy gold lol

7:24Is he preparing them for flying thru the Airport and homeland security screening where Homeland Security takes your personal belongings like water, which is a right to life and throws it away?


Popular music piped in 24/7? This 'army' looks like a real happenin' joint!

Lmkwiththeak47 Y

You have to put the GoPro on his head otherwise the only thing ur going to see is the back of the glove


"You need to get your head checked, and that's coming from me" .... same.


All those rockets..... Didn't get ONE FUCKING FISH?!

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try cornerback also

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Sir ap agra me kha padate ho



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It's like a Halloween maze

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Don't know why anyone would complain about shutter noise in your videos. That just shows me how fast your shooting. Mind blowing. Thanks for sharing the technical. How the hell you keep these jets in your sight must take some practice. Don't know if they have resumed flying in SWC to date but I'll be looking. Thanks for the inspiration. Outstanding work on this shooting. Your tack sharp images are mind boggling!!