The Most Effective Squat Challenge: 100 Rep Fitness Blender Squat Challenge

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Angelie Melzer instructs the

Angelie Melzer instructs the

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Part of this modernization was to reduce

Part of this modernization was to reduce

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Chemists around the world have condemned the

Chemists around the world have condemned the

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Yay Canada! We kicked Soviet butt and saved Denmark! Woo woo!

Alex Rogers

Ok this is fuked but anyone notice that sr said imma kill schrader but......

Helen Richardson

Grichuk may not be Joey Batts but neither is his attitude.The jays are a pitcher or two away from contention, IF Vlad ever gets in shape as an athlete

Henry Barnack

I loved the guy. He had expressed his true feelings with a sense of humor. He had his hard knocks. No respect!

Robbie Plahitko

That’s super ironic! I have 2T351 and will be there for Vehicular maintenance as well! How is tech school?? I’ll be stationed at Hurlburt with the 556RHS.

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This game still looks good



Camron Hay

North Dakota! I got that too

thay guy with a pair of reasonably sized speakers

I’m glad we don’t have drill sergeants like that over in britain

Amol Sapkal

I like this story


OH HELL YES A school isnt hard unless your FC or nuke...lovely (i signed AECF)

john smith

nobody died so I guess it's good

Slavsco 32



Shepard AFB home of the STDs

The Truth is out there Were here to keep it alive.

Love how good he explains things he's great


Qualed 1st class in swim qual, which is basically the Entire life guard school in 2 days. Shot expert on the range with a 297 and 2 possibles. Perfect 300 PFT for all three. Scored very high on the ASVAB and I get fucking Motor T are you kidding me.Made a Lat move after 1.5 years to something I lovethe water.DON'T EVER JOIN ANY BRANCH WITHOUT A CONTRACT. I went in as 0999, open contract I just wanted a break from the family farm. But it was a huge pain in the Ass to make a lat move, bunch of red tape and had to get allot of officers to select me for a Lat move, the whole process of the lat move took 1.5 years and I started as soon as Motor-T school was finished and I got to my first Unit 1st LAI, which is now 1st LAR. I was very lucky 1st Recon was 300 meters away on the other side of 1st Tanks.


Vote Biden. Because obama didnt finish ruining America.


That’s exactly where you hit a guy wtf pitchers step up by strike outs after getting trash talked... its never OK for a pitcher to hit a batter of the bullshit notion of being bitch slapped by a HR. Damn commentators outta get smacked in the mouth sometimes by a pitch making that stupid comment and comparing it to celebrating a touchdown.

John Crawford

Love your fishin’ Gene....You might wanna’ check that knot on the inside of your left forearm, it could be a warble.

jaimee S

That's some retirement plan

gavin orourke

Screw Alex b he cheats and know what pitch is coming like why is he on here

Morody Gaming

If u want to be a fighter pilot u should go to bmt ?

Devanshu Verma

Best way to overcome depression after losing 4 wars anyways nice graphics

Akhzar Jean Yunisath